Lupt 2018 Hindi Movie Pre-DVDRip x264

Lupt 2018 Hindi Movie Pre-DVDRip x264

Director: Prabhuraj
Writer: Prabhuraj 

Country: India
Language: Hindi
Release Date: 2 November 2018

Genres: Horror

The movie is about an eerie and spooky journey into the realms of the unknown.


Really very Good Horror movie. Im surprised to know its a directorial debut film of Prabhuraj. It doesn't look like this is directors first film. The scenes are handled maturely and the acting is extracted from each actor one can see in the film. The joy ride was to see Vijay Raaz in the movie and the manner he delivers his line. The dialogue written specially for to Vijay Raaz is fabulous. The movie manages to delivers the same quality scares in the first half. The second half has horror but it gets emotional towards ending. Which is good because the story is written in such manner which is completely justified. The spooky atmosphere, good sound effects and fabulous cinematography adds value to the film. If you want to see clean horror film with great story, Lupt is the film you should watch Definitely a movie to see in the cinema. I give it 9/10!! Superb movie!!

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